Online Video Sharing Websites: Popular Alternatives
Online Video Sharing Websites: Popular Alternatives
Online Video Sharing Websites: Popular Alternatives

When you think of online video websites, which websites come to mind? There is a good chance that you responded with YouTube.  YouTube is known to be the most popular online video website. Although it is a great site to use, it is not the only site that’s available. If you are looking for other alternatives, you will find that you have a number of different options.

Perhaps, a standard internet search is the best way to find other online video websites. In addition to being linked to those websites, you may also find online discussions that are centered on online video websites. If you have the time to read these discussions, you are advised to. They may help to give you an idea as to which online video websites are worth your time and which ones are not.

As previously mentioned, you should be able to find a number of different online video sharing websites by performing a standard internet search. Your search results will likely include Vimeo. Vimeo is an online video website that is well known throughout the internet community. With Vimeo you can easily view a collection of different online videos. While their program is free to use, it is still advised that you register with them. Registration will make it easier for you to search for and find the videos that you want to watch. In addition to watching videos, you can also create, upload, and share your own.

Dailymotion is another popular video-sharing website that allows users to view, upload, browse videos by searching tags, categories, channels, or user-created groups.   Dailymotion does limit your uploaded videos to 2 GB and 60 minutes and up to 1280*720p.  For most users, these restrictions aren’t a real problem making Dailymotion a good alternative to YouTube.

LiveLeak is another video sharing website that lets users publish videos. Although LiveLeak is mostly oriented to politics, war, and other world events, users are free to post any content they want if it doesn’t violate the website policy. For example. it’s prohibited to upload any advertising media, music (unless you are the copyright holder), videos showing criminal activity, etc.

As you can easily see, YouTube is not your only option when it comes to uploading and watching online videos. In addition to Vimeo, Dailymotion, and LiveLeak, you should be able to find a number of other online video sharing websites. Many of these sites post videos on a wide range of different topics, subjects, and issues. If you were looking for online video websites with a particular theme, you should be able to find them online. You may need to alter your search phrase, but it is possible to find them. Popular online video websites exist for those who love pets, follow a particular religion, or love politics.

Recently, the controversy over YouTube censoring Christian and conservative video has led to some other alternative news video sites. Of particular note there is Real.Video. According to its founder, Mike Adams, Real.Video is “the answer to YouTube censorship.”

The features and services offered by each online video website will vary; depending on the sites own rules and restrictions. Although you may be unable to create, upload, and share your own videos, you should be able to watch online videos on a wide variety of different websites, including the ones mentioned above.

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